Latest Vietnamese Eatery: Pho Vietz

PART 1: Pho Vietz @ Atria Shopping Gallery

Being in Malaysia, despite our local cuisines, we have other international selections too such as Japanese, Korean, Western, Middle Eastern, Indian, Brazilian, French, Spanish and so on, which we are quite familiar with. But how about Vietnamese food? It seems to be lesser, even in the food galore region of Klang Valley.

During my first visit to Atria Shopping Gallery with my girlfriend, we accidentally bumped into this December 2015 newly landed Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Vietz at the 3rd floor of the mall. We were hungry and there were quite a number of selections at the same floor. However, this crowded restaurant captured our attention and we were wondering why because other restaurants were obviously quiet with minimum guests.

The main entrance.
The other corner, their drinks-making bar.
This was the condition when we first noticed it. We were blessed with 2 table options for us to choose. We have chosen the tall table so that we can have a better view of the restaurant and what others are ordering.

Further move we made to look at their menu for pricing and we found out it was quite reasonable as well. Another factor was, I haven’t had my coffee of the day and they have the famous Vietnam Coffee here 😛 And so we went in and ordered our food, under the soothing Vietnam-like atmosphere. These were our orders:

Traditional Vietnamese Cupcake (2 pcs) @ RM7.90.
Look at the tempting food presentation.
Not just the look but this really tasted amazing. My girlfriend loves it very much too. Must order! Do eat it with the specially made chili sauce.
Spring Roll & Lemongrass Pork Vermicelli @ RM14.90.
Again, another tempting dish. You might think this is a bit pricey but again, it tasted amazingly refreshing and the portion can serve up to 2 person. A healthier option if you don’t want a meaty meal. An appetite-opening dish too.
My coffee of the day – Vietnam Coffee @ RM7.90 (Hot/Cold). I ordered for cold so they provided me with another glass with ice cubes. The taste was satisfying too. Bitter and strong taste it has. The only comment I have for this is, I wish they could give me more volume. I didn’t have enough of it!

Despite the food and drinks on the menu, they also sell some Vietnam local products.


I will definitely go again in near future. If you never been to Atria Shopping Gallery before, this is the location map of it.


What if you are staying nowhere near to PJ? Good news! They have opened another branch, in Sri Petaling!!!

Pho Vietz in Sri Petaling (Photo from Pho Vietz FB page).
Address of both locations (Photo from Pho Vietz FB page).

As claimed, they said they are serving authentic Vietnamese food. I am not too sure about it as I have never been to Vietnam before and previously, I only visited other Vietnamese restaurants once or twice, many years ago.

However, one thing I know is when the food is yummy, I know it is yummy! On the same day we visited the restaurant, I overheard the conversation between the uncles whom been to Vietnam before, saying that they are satisfy with their food too, similar to what they had in Vietnam. So, I guess that said it all.

Now, if you have read until this level, go ahead and experience it yourself!ali

PART 2: Pho Vietz @ Sri Petaling

A week after my first visit to its Atria branch, I brought my family to its second branch in Sri Petaling for dinner.

Pho Vietz Sri Petaling. A little bit smaller than the one in Atria.

Unexpectedly, we were seeing people lining up, waiting for their seats as it was again full house, just like when me and my girlfriend approached their Atria branch.

This was the condition when we reached. Full house!
And so we waited for 10-15 minutes for a table for 4.


Finally we got our table and immediately placed our order. Then, we just sat back, relax and enjoy the environment, and I started to take photos of some of the interesting corners.

The drinks-making bar. Fyi, those breads are for display only. Not real, I guess.
My favorite take of the day. Love the light bulbs and also the wall mural at the back.

Their food serving was very speedy and their staffs were very friendly and helpful too. Within 10 minutes, our orders came onto our table, gradually. These were the orders:

For Dad:


They sure were not stingy on their beef. Not just a lot but also very well stir fried.

For Mom:


Ordered this again, this time with lemongrass chicken. Still my favorite dish so far.

For Brother:

Baguette is bread.
Beef stew served with bread. The bread was crispy outside but soft inside.

For myself:

Since Pho (pronounce as Fer), the noodle soup is Vietnamese signature dish, I just have to try it out.


What an authentic presentation.
This tasted similar like our Chinese beef noodle. Yummy!

One of our drinks was this, Three Layer Dessert. To make it simple for you to understand, just treat this as Vietnamese Cendol.



Since dad is also a coffee drinker, we also ordered the Vietnamese Coffee again, this time in hot.

Response from my family member? Thumbs up to their environment, service, staff and food! A restaurant worth going back for! No kidding at all!

PART 3: Pho Vietz @ Empire Subang

Pho Vietz had expanded, now with their 3rd branch, opened on 31 August 2016 in Empire Subang!


Me and my girlfriend have noticed it few weeks back prior to its opening with the renovation artwork display during one of our lunch time there. Eagerly anticipated, I finally went with my colleagues today (9 Sep 2016).

I wanted to make reservation but since it’s new opening, I was unable to do so. I have expected there would be queue, according to my past experience with the previous 2 branches. Upon reached, it was as expected.

Plenty were waiting for their tables.
Above me were another 5 names, waiting.
Again, full house!


It wasn’t a long wait. Around 10 minutes later, we got our table. Within 5-10 minutes after ordered, came our food.

My order this time.
A full set with beef stew, a side dish, a soup/sauce and bread (can choose rice too).


Oh by the way, I think they changed new menu cover.


Overall, a great and enjoyable meal and experience it was. I will return again as I always did. Ending this part with a random shot while waiting earlier.



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