Let’s Lim Kopi @ LIM KO PI, Da:men, USJ 1

A brand called Lim Ko Pi originated from Ipoh has came into Da:men, USJ 1, bringing us more kopitiam (coffee house) varieties to “lim kopi” (drink coffee).


This Hainanese kopitiam founded by Ms. Peggy Lim serves Ipoh authentic local food and beverages such as their Kopi 98 (Nanyang White Coffee aka Lim Ko Pi), milk tea, Pau (buns), bread & half boiled eggs, tidbits and even rice and noodle dishes. Here is the full menu items:

Main Course menu – Rice and Noodle dishes.
Lighter menu items of buns, bread, soup and tidbits.
Beverages menu.
Sparkling drinks. This is the only part in the menu that I can’t relate to kopitiam item.

Having this kopitiam opened at Ground Floor, Da:men, the menu price is basically a commercial mall kind of range. A meal easily costs around RM10-20 per person. Some dishes from main course menu even cost over RM20 without drink. Hmmm…

I am easily attracted to an eatery ambiance. I have noticed this vintage style kopitiam a week ago and wanted to go in. Finally, I went with my 2 colleagues today to try it out. The appearance and ambiance of Lim Ko Pi looked like this:

Entrance, inside of the mall.
Entrance, outside the mall. This is also the smokers area, I guess since it is an opened air area.
Overview of the kopitiam.
The kitchen and counter on the left.

It was well-lighted, clean, neat, cozy and comfortable. Both exterior and interior were nicely done.

Since it was newly opened and being only the second branch, I noticed some messiness in managing the floor by the staffs. We waited over 15 minutes for our food too. However, their sincerity covered all that up. The staffs were friendly and polite.

Now, let’s look at the food. 3 of us ordered these:

  1. Nasi Lemak
  2. Vegetarian Curry Noodle
  3. Triple Meat Curry Noodle
  4.  Wan Tau Long

After ordered, we wait…wait…wait…wait, expecting some decent food, if not awesome as said.

Oh yes. I hope my dish is awesome and worth waiting for.
First item came, Wan Tau Long dessert @ RM 7. Order this if you like sour dessert. This is very cooling too.
Nasi Lemak @ RM 12. The sambal was sweet and not so spicy.
Vegetarian Curry Noodle @ RM 11.
Triple Meat Curry Noodle @ RM 14.
Triple Meat = BBQ Pork + Roast Pork + Shredded Chicken Meat

Overall, the food was fine. The curry tasted quite good. The portion was somehow filling enough too. It would be tastier if the curry was thicker. My colleague’s nasi lemak was fine too, according to him.

I should have tried their coffee but I think I was a bit coffee overdosed for the day. I’ll definitely go again, but maybe for afternoon tea just to “lim kopi” and eat their lighter menu items. It is just a little bit too much to spend near RM 20 for a meal in a kopitiam 😛


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