Kimnana Bento – the Office Lunch Bento Delivery

First look at the website, I was asking myself, how can a food delivery service website be so beautiful? The business owner is selling Bento or beauty products? Apparently, the team behind this has put a tremendous amount of creativity into their service and products.

With the previous experience with Shogun2u, I am very much familiar with such food delivery service in Klang Valley. When I first introduced to Kimnana Bento, my only question was what are the differences between these two. Well, these are my findings on Kimnana Bento:

 1) Target Market – the Office Working Adults


Kimnana Bento is a lunch (yes, only lunch) delivery service in the form of Bento to offices (not sure do they deliver to residential address or not), for working adults. Hence, their delivery days are Monday to Friday, between 12 noon to 1 pm, deliverable to office building’s main entrance.

Delivery time between 12 noon to 1 pm only.
How to order? Order has to be made a day before, by 530 pm.

2) The Menu – Themed Varieties

They offer a total of 4 menu categories, price ranges from RM 9.90 to RM 17.90.

The signature – Gumiho Beauty Bento full menu.
Club Bento full menu.
Vegetarian full menu.
Pizza full menu.

3) The Packaging – Creative, Presentable and Functional

I must say their packaging was one of the most presentable and creative delivery packaging I have ever seen. I ordered 1 Gumiho Bento and Club Bento each and these were what I got:

This Gumiho Beauty Bento was so professional and well presented.
It comes with a slot that holds disposable utensils.
A tag that shows the contents of a Gumiho Bento.
This Korean Corn Silk Tea sachet was included too.
The packaging of Club Bento, also came with disposable spoon and folk.

4) Food and Taste

The Bentos were delivered while it was still warm, preserving the taste of the food. The taste was fine and definitely a healthier choice of lunch. My only opinion is the portion might not be sufficient for bigger appetite males (I guess I’m one of them :-P).

Gumiho Slimming Bento @ RM 17.90. Grilled Seabass with Seaweed, Kimchi & Celery in Spicy & Sour Sauce.
Club Bento of Stewed Chicken in Brown Sauce @ RM 9.90.
Gumiho Beauty Bento & Club Bento.

5) Delivery

Not all areas of Klang Valley and some covered conditionally with minimum order quantity for first order and subsequent orders. So, do check before making the order. Ultimately, the delivery fee is FREE!


For more information, visit their website and FB. You can PM them via FB too as they do respond quite promptly.




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