Wireless Mini Keyboard aka Air Mouse @ RM 51

Do you connect your PC to home TV? Do you own a Smart TV? If yes, you would be interested in this for just RM 51 via Lazada.

In line with my home improvement plan this year, I was improving my home entertainment system (PC-TV) too. Firstly, I got rid of the troublesome HDMI cable that limited the position of my laptop, tripped me and my girlfriend which resulted a damaged HDMI cable and nearly broken my dropped laptop. For that, I got the wireless solution with a Google Chromecast dongle, again via Lazada.

A dongle that streams video and audio via Google Chrome platform to your HDMI enabled monitor/TV. (Product link on Lazada)

What good about this piece is it can cast (stream/broadcast) Google Chrome tab to your monitor/TV for online content and offline media content that can be played by Google Chrome web. However, to use this, one will need a wireless network environment to connect between PC and monitor/TV.

Even with this, I still need to be near with my laptop if I want to do some typing or control of PC programs. So, I need another wireless solution with full keyboard and mouse function, and it has to be small and compact, ideally with the size of my palm. For that, I went for a Wireless Mini Keyboard aka Air Mouse which I was eyeing since last year. Again, I found an economical option via Lazada at only RM 51!

Air Mouse
The cheapest I have found so far @ only RM 51. (Product link on Lazada)

Although this item was supplied from overseas, I received it within 2 weeks. Here is the unbox and its full content.

Image provided by the supplier.
Item received with the content of box, manual, USB cable and the unit itself.

The packaging was pretty basic, protected well with another white box within the packaging box, together with the manual and USB charging cable.

Unit image provided by the supplier.
Unit received with 100% identical.
The mini keyboard size is just 1/4 of the laptop keyboard size.

I was quite impressed with the size, weight and design of it. As you can see, it is as small as my palm, really light and sleek in design.

Another great thing about this is it comes with a detachable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Since it is wireless, the unit comes with 2.4GHz connection technology via a plug-and-play USB receiver. There will be a quick hardware driver installation execution once plugged in before you can use it.

Image provided by the supplier.
Received unit with the attached lithium-ion battery and USB receiver.

So far I have just connected it to my laptop and it worked perfectly fine. One thing I found out is the fact of Bluetooth connection to mobile phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices is unreal because the unit doesn’t have Bluetooth transmitter at all.

Mobile phone connection via Bluetooth is unreal! I don’t need it anyway.
Image provided by supplier.
On/Off switch and USB interface of the received unit. Both functioning fine.

Since this is a full function keyboard. Despite typing, it can also launch web search engine page and Microsoft Outlook with a single press, control media players (such as Windows Media Player and Winamp) to play/pause, previous/next and even to increase/decrease PC master volume.

Full function keyboard.

As you can see here, I am streaming a Google Chrome tab to my TV via Google Chromecast while typing this blog content with my Air Mouse. Now, I can sit back, relax on my couch while producing my blogs at home, without having to be near to my laptop. How cool and convenient this is!

The combo of Air Mouse – Laptop – Google Chromecast – TV.

Another thing I found out is with Google Pinyin installed, Chinese characters typing was also made possible with this Air Mouse.

Type to Pinyin and choose with numeric keys for the Chinese word you want, just like how we used PC keyboard.

Not too sure I should consider myself an IT gadget geek or not but surely I like affordable and functional gadgets that can enrich our daily life. I should have shared about Google Chromecast  which I bought earlier but unfortunately, I didn’t capture the connection setup process down. It was a very important part that I was less informed due to limited information on the web, led me to some tough time understanding the setup and functioning of it. Look forward for that soon while ending this one as I noticed not many people around me are aware of or familiar with Google Chromecast.


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