RM39 + 30 Minutes = Kick Start an Online Business!

Easy it is even for first-timer. Sure boh???

Lately I came across this eCommerce platform called EasyStore. As displayed on their web, they claimed to offer “easy-to-use” tool to create and operate an online store. As subjective the word “easy” is, I went in to find out how easy the setup and operation is, eagerly, yet with skepticism as I am a marketing person too. We are very good in presenting a very presentable presentation, if you know what I mean 😛

Following their USP (Unique Selling Point) of LOW COST, EASY TO USE and FAST SETUP, I went in for an exploration via their 7-day free trial.

How low is low cost oh?

Believe it or not, it is as low as RM39/month Basic with a set of comprehensive features. Depending on requirements, one can op for RM69/month Plus plan too.

Just RM39 to kick off an online business!
Either RM39 Basic or RM69 Plus plan, one is getting all these comprehensive features.

Okay! The pricing definitely impressed me. But how about the functionality and management of it for such a low price?

Let’s look at the setup first.


With its Setup Guide, I completed these 7 steps within 30 minutes. Since it was my first time, it did took me a bit, especially on the theme customization part. Overall, it was really that easy and fast as claimed.

It was as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, done! The online store is ready!

Of course as a serious merchant, one will need more time to setup the details and touch-up afterward. However, the initial setup was just these 7 steps. Okay! Wow, again.


One thing I worry the most about website is the technical part. Some require the knowledge of minor programming language or coding. Sorry to say that I have zero knowledge on that and I don’t want to crack my head into all those.

Well, happily to tell you that this EasyStore will ease your pain because everything is template based, even for its Themes customization.

The amount of customization one can do as shown on the left panel.

Hence, within minutes, I managed to make basic customization like this:

From its original theme to my own personalized theme with product display.

Adding products with pictures, detailed description, pricing, SKU number, weight, inventory level and others was also easy. Everything was ready for me to fill in.

SEO setting is also available.


Variable setting for products with color, measurements or package can be created here too.

So just by a few clicks and fill in of details, one can have the product ready to display and sell. I can even set different currency depending on countries I want to sell it too. One more thing, taxes setting is available to be set too.

Selling in MYR.
Selling in SGD.
Products listing with automated inventory count display.

Products are up. Another crucial part is the Payment and Shipment setting.


Shipment Setting.
Setting sample.
Zones is selectable too. In my case, I excluded East Malaysia because I just want to focus on Peninsular Malaysia.
Multiple Currency and Payment Gateway setting.

From the look of this, I can sell my products, locally and internationally, wherever I want, 24-hour a day and 7-day a week, non-stop. This basically means the store is built with multi-site capability with such a low cost. How cool is that!

Some other useful features as as follow:


Customer database management. This is very important for marketing and loyalty program.
Orders management.
Marketing program setting on promotions.

Apart from all the above, EasyStore also can be integrated to these useful sites, marketing tools, applications and social media platforms with it plug-in ability.


Click on “Browse all apps” to launch into the Apps Store page to choose your plug-ins.
Now, not forgetting the analytic display on Dashboard too. This is crucial for business decisions making.

Another feature I like about this is the Live Chat. As an EasyStore merchant, one can enjoy speedy and prompt response from the support team. I have tried and they promised to revert within 2 hours. If you went offline, their response will be sent as email to your registered email address too. You can then pick up the chat again once you are in it, or just reply through your email.

Click on the Chat icon to launch the chat window.
This is just to show that they do respond promptly. Offline communication will be captured in email as mentioned.

Now, EasyStore is kind enough to offer a 7-day free trial to all with no credit card or whatsoever obligating registration. No hassle! No risk! No worry! Try it before you make up your mind to use it or not.

Grab it while it is still available for FREE!

For more information, head to their website and Facebook page:

Website link.

Facebook link.



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