Semenyih’s Hidden Gem: 12 Cafe

I don’t like to keep too many things. So, I have a habit of “disposing” stuffs to keep things basic, simple and tidy. However, there are things that are “valuable” and “memorable” that I would keep and preserve. These things carry weights of “values” and “memories”, and most importantly they are “irreplaceable”.

Lately, I came across this unique, old skool and artistic place called 12 Cafe, an eatery existed since 2013 yet hidden in Semenyih town. This cafe was converted from an old wooden family house. To me, I think this is a place I would like to keep, which I would be sad if I don’t see it anymore. It carries so much memories of our old time (although I am not that old), our childhood and stuffs that we might not be able to find anymore in our current modern life.

According to the founder and owner, Mr. Lee Hai Oh, whom is also a Semenyih local, this is the house which he was raised by his parents. After emptied for quite some years, he had this thought of converting it into a cafe on 12.12.2012. That’s why it is called 12 Cafe. 5 months after that, 12 Cafe existed and started operating.  What Mr. Lee had invested here was not just a big amount of money but up until today, he is still investing his sincerity and dreams into this cafe, bringing people memories, good yet reasonable price food and the wonderful things in Semenyih.

Now, let’s look at the physical uniqueness of this cafe. You will be amazed with the amount of thoughts, ideas, designs and values he had poured into this cafe, yet executed into perfection just within the period of 6 months.

Quick Tour YouTube video > Click Here!

Its car park area was quite small and limited. You still can park at other places nearby though.
This is the kitchen where all the food is cooked and served from, focusing more on Western Food.
Dining area 1: Outdoor.
There was a swan, guarding the cafe, at all time 😛
Main entrance.
The lobby. This was once the living room, I guess.
The bar, located at the lobby.
Entrance to another dining area. That dining area was once the bedroom.
Basket lamps?
Dining area 2: Look at the upside down hanging chairs on the ceiling.
I hope they are mounted well on the ceiling. Else…


The bar.
The Corridor of Memory I called it. There were many articles on the wall, covered by newspapers and magazines.
The middle two are Mr. Lee’s parents. Vintage right?
One thing that is not lack of here is the artistic elements.


This is where the coffee was brewed.
Dining area 3: Suitable for large groups.


Even the cat like it here 🙂

Honestly, I think by far no cafe in Klang Valley is comparable to 12 Cafe’s atmosphere in term of its uniqueness and historical value.

As for menu, they offer reasonable price food and beverage. Lots of selection ranging from Western to local, and they are still improving it from time to time.

They open on every Tuesday-Sunday, 5pm-12am. Pork Free.


So this was what we ordered. As said before, their focus is more on Western food.
Double Grilled Chicken Chop RM14.90, consists of deep fried and grilled chicken chop each.
Lamb Chop RM17.90.
Fish & Chip RM14.90.
Cabonara RM12.90.

The food was fine. Not sure why I didn’t order brewed coffee, which I should have since Mr. Lee is also a barista. Damn…I missed it! That gave me a reason to go back again though.

Another thing that you will get here despite the unique atmosphere, food and drink, is friendship and information on Semenyih’s attractions. Mr. Lee is a very humble and friendly hands-on cafe owner. He is very passionate in promoting Semenyih’s attractions. Whoever went to him to ask, he will surely entertain you sincerely.

Mr. Lee, in the midst of talking to customers from other state on what’s good in Semenyih.
This Awesomenyih (Awesome Semenyih) map created by him proved his passion in promoting Semenyih as a tourism spot.

If you think 12 Cafe is merely an eatery, you are wrong. 12 Cafe carries the dreams of Mr. Lee, awaits to morph into something more: a venue for art and cultural activities, an eco-tourism information centre, a performance platform, a friendship fostering ground and other unthinkable possibilities. Therefore, he welcomes anyone who has bright ideas to collaborate with him in any way possible.

I personally look forward in exploring how we can collaborate to promote the attractions as featured in Awesomenyih. To kick off, I guess I will need to visit all these places first. Do stay tuned with my blog. If God is blessing our collaboration, I believe there will be a lot more exciting contents to be shared, which you can also involve in.

First thing first, if you like 12 Cafe, do take effort to visit it and talk to Mr. Lee to show your love and support. To reach 12 Cafe, here are some basic information:

Address: 131 Jalan Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih.

Operating day & time: Every Tuesday-Sunday, 5pm-12am

FB page:

Reservation: 011-1231 4432 (Mr. Lee Hai Oh) Call/SMS/Whatsapp

If you missed the quick tour video earlier, here it is: Quick Tour YouTube video > Click Here!


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